• Welcome Pirates!

    Ahoy matey! Yer upon the official Pirates of Club Penguin! We fight for Rockhopper, and we all like our crew members, we even steal a couple of scream sodas! Ye don't know what ye missing! Come Join us and become a Pirate!
  • Total Pirates!

    • 239,367 Pirates
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-Pirates Nation-


 Total Servers: 10

Migrator (Capital)

Cream Soda (Co-Capital)




White Out



Ice Rink


8 Responses

  1. Putt Ghost Ninjas on enemies I got reasons

  2. can red fighters of cp be allies with you we max 10-12-7 like bother allies

  3. i wanna be enemys with u


    btw im creator of brigadersofcp

  4. The Navy of Club Penguin would like to formally make a relationship between us and CPPA.

  5. I’m going on server Ice rink meet at Iceberg !

  6. i have joined the DARK SIDE

  7. i hate tshis

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