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    Ahoy matey! Yer upon the official Pirates of Club Penguin! We fight for Rockhopper, and we all like our crew members, we even steal a couple of scream sodas! Ye don't know what ye missing! Come Join us and become a Pirate!
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    • 230,926 Pirates
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Pirates Nation

-Table of Contents-

  • Flag
  • Government
  • Allies/Enemies
  • Servers



We, the creators and leaders of the Pirates of Club Penguin, hereby set up a style of government which consists of ideas stated by the Democratic form of government and the Oligarchy form of government. We will run as a “Constitutional Democratic Oligarchy” which states the Government of the Pirates of Club Penguin will presently and futurely be set as a government by and for the people while granting more power to the Leaders, thereby allowing the leaders of this army hold the last say in any and every topic which may affect the outcome of the army. However, they will be required to abide strictly according to this constitution. 



  • Light Troops (Brother Allies)


  • Rebel Penguin Federation


 Total Servers: 10

  • Migrator (Capital)
  • Cream Soda (Co-Capital)
  • Sardine
  • Caribou
  • Walrus
  • White Out
  • Matterhorn
  • Patagonia
  • Ice Rink
  • Sabertooth

7 Responses

  1. Putt Ghost Ninjas on enemies I got reasons

  2. can red fighters of cp be allies with you we max 10-12-7 like bother allies

  3. i wanna be enemys with u
    btw im creator of brigadersofcp

  4. The Navy of Club Penguin would like to formally make a relationship between us and CPPA.

  5. I’m going on server Ice rink meet at Iceberg !

  6. i have joined the DARK SIDE

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