Hello, this is the page where we will say our servers and land.

 English Servers:

  • Matterhorn (Shared with UMA)
  • Bubblegum (Claimed)
  • Summit (Inavded from DCP)
  • Hibernate (Invaded From CP Crew)
  • Shiver (Invaded From CP Crew)
  • Snow Frist (Gift from DW)
  • Mountain (Invaded from UMA)
  • Big foot (Claimed)
  • Sabertooth (Invaded from UMA)
  • Berg (Invaded from Miners)
  • Chinook (Invaded from Miners)
  • Ice Cold (Invaded from Icy Troops)
  • Snow Globe (Invaded from Icy Troops)
  • Ice Shelf (Invaded from Ice Army)
  •  Capital: Migrator
French servers:
  • Pompon (Shared with PRA)
  • Fiesta (Shared with PRA)
  • Polaire (Shared with PRA)
  • Brumeux (Shared with PRA)
  • Super (Shared with PRA)
  • Tartine (Shared with PRA)
  • Mareau-Piqueur (Shared with PRA)
  • Brise (Shared with PRA)
  • Glacons (Claimed)
  • Patinoire (Claimed)
  • Glaciare (Claimed)
  • Patins a glace (claimed)
  • Migrateur(Claimed)
  • Soda Mousese (Claimed)
  • Bottes (Claimed)
  • Flocon (Claimed)
Portugues servers
  • Boreal (claimed)
  • Antardida (Claimed)
  • Cha (Claimed)
  • Cream Soda (claimed)
  • Fiesta (Claimed)
  • Chocolate Quente (Claimed)
  • Inverno (Claimed)
  • Bloca de Gelo (Claimed)
  • Pizza Fria (Claimed)
  • Granizo (Claimed)

these servers are oficially Pirates servers if you want these servers of ours we shall battle for them or share it with you

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