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Pirates History

Written by Pirate Legends Coolster114, Waterkid100 and Pongo3010

The Pirates were created some time in the spring of 2007 by Bid Now. During that time he was in the Ice Warriors and the UMA. He created the army and gathered around 4-5 troops. One of those troops, Whaleoil, was one of the most active and loyal soldiers a leader could ask for. When he became leader the army grew to new heights getting around 8-10 troops at wars. Then came Hussam. Hussam was incredibly loyal to the Pirates, always making graphics and looking for ways to improve our chat. Thus came the 3rd leader. The army stayed at a steady pace for a while until they dropped to 3-5 troops. One of those troops, Coolster114, worked as hard as he could and finally became a leader. Coolster grew the army to new heights. Sometimes hitting 13+, which at the time was impressive for a medium army. It even saw us defeat the Golds in a war. After a few weeks, Bid Now joined the Golds and Hussam/Coolster didn’t like that and started to get into arguments with Bid. In 2008, Bid left the army and defaced the site, causing the first generation to end.



After weeks of arguments, Coolster114 and Hussam apologized to Bidnow, and they made up with him. They were allowed to recreate the army. This happened in mid 2008. Hussan, however, decided to retire from all armies before this could happen, leaving Coolster to lead alongside Whaleoil. Together, they rebuilt the army, getting sizes of 7. Soon, though, Whale left, without handing over a replacement. Coolster also quit a while later, with the Pirates having a new string of leaders. These people, though, could not do anything to strengthen the army, and the CPPA soon died yet again.


During the summer of 2011, Zakdude and Jedpen of the Water Vikings decided to change the armies name to the Pirates. They were given permission by Coolster114, and a 2ic from the original generation. Hence, G3 was born. This era was pretty successful, with the CPPA averaging 25 at events, and being ranked as the 5th best army in Club Penguin. When the season ended, we fell into depression, and the generation came to a halt.

September 2011 saw the return of the CPPA, under the command of Waterkid100. At first, they were small, gaining only 5 at events, but when December struck, the army got involved in wars with other medium armies, and began to average 15. We continued to rise, eventually maxing 20 at events, and with former leaders backing the army once more. In April, though, the world power armies, ACP, and the Nachos, were in war with us, and thrashed us. Waterkid100 left, leaving Waterkid200 and Reuben as his successors. The army dropped to sizes of 10, and thus, 100 returned, boosting our morale. Despite this, we still did not rise, and eventually merged into the SWAT, at the end of the month

On the 19th of May, 2012, Waterkid100 was unfairly fired in the SWAT. For a long while, he was already plotting the return of the Pirates, with Coolster. Originally, they were planning to revive the army in the summer, yet this was reversed, as Water was left without an army. On our first day back, we got 20 at an event, that had only a 4 hour notice. We continued to hit those sized, taking multiple servers from the Nachos in a war that we won.

Eventually, Coolster114 left. The UMA began to invade, ripping through the Pirates Nation. Waterkid200 exited too, leaving only Waterkid100, who appointed Cul8sr as a US Leader. We managed to take some servers at UK times, only for the opposition to reclaim them soon after. The war ended 12-2 in the enemies favor, and we began to build ties with them. Cul did not do much, however, and was soon removed from his position, leaving only 100 in power. June had flown by.

Waterkid100 controlled the army soley throughout July, until 200 returned and was installed into the regime. He had changed his name to Lucas806. The army recovered from a fall, getting 8-10 at events, before the site was hacked. We moved, but then the former site was regained, thus we returned to it. During this time, in August, we had defeated the Club Penguin Ice Troops, and the Icy Troops in seperate wars, killing both of the armies, and taking their servers. Unk was a Leader for a short while, until he retired, being replaced by Tylund1. Pirates kept on getting great sizes until June 2013. Pirates sizes dropped and thus ending the most glorious generation the Pirates have had.

Shortly after the 4th generation the 5th generation swung by with Samsungy, Catstew and Pongo3010 leading it. They started by getting 8+ at events. This dry season carried on until Pongo3010, Samsungy, and Catstew got demoted and Waterkid100 returned following another 5 people, all from the ‘Hall Of Pirates’ page. This shortly lasted, as they all ended up retiring, except Waterkid100. At this point the army started going up and down. People kept getting hired and fired. Some of these people are Blake, Catstew and Pongo3010. Because of this Coolster114 had to return as the ‘Supreme Commander’. He made Catstew US leader, Naruto AUS leader, and Pongo3010 a UK leader alongside Coolster114. As time went on Pirates maintained a good size of 10-20+, that was until Coolster114 decided to leave. Catstew left too, leaving Pongo3010 and Naruto. Waterkid100 became aware and decided to return. Naruto left shortly after Waterkid returned.

Waterkid decided to make Pongo3010 a co-leader alongside him. Things were steady again. but not for long… Waterkid100 signed us up for a SMAC tourney, but he left after. Leaving Pongo3010 to lead by himself. This also saw Reuben’s short appearance. Pongo3010 did well, obtaining 15+ at events. But lies spread and Waterkid fired him. Until realizing his mistake and appointed him leader again alongside Topprank, they went to war with the Soda Pop Army and after a countless amount of victories over them, SPA and Pirates both made peace. Topprank was fired by Pongo3010 due to inactivity and another US troop within the army was elected leader. Unfortunately, due to inactivity and “not having a WordPress account” Pongo had to demote him back to his old rank and he stopped focusing on the US division. Waterkid100 and Pongo3010 had an argument and Pongo tried to relieve Waterkid of his duty as advisor. Consequently, he was fired and Pirates merged into Light Troops.

After an argument between Spi101 and Waterkid100 due to LT losing to DCP, Waterkid decided to bring Pirates back! He appointed Pongo3010 and Samsungy leader and they were already so eager to get started. Waterkid and Spi forgave eachother, which made Waterkid realized what a “mistake” bringing back Pirates was. So he had several meetings with Pirate owners about Pirates re-merging. None of the results pleased Waterkid, so he felt he had to take matters into his own hands and forced us to merge. Unfortunately, a lot of people who were in LT, were in Pirates before, waiting for their return, and they all rebelled. So he proposed a battle. Light Troops VS Pirates. If LT were to win, Pirates would merge, if Pirates won. They wouldn’t. Pirates won, maxing 13, LT maxed 2. Pirates had a few other events with average results. Then they had to close again and merge due to Waterkid harassing troops. Pongo3010 and Samsungy claimed they were both “Ddosed”.

In early January Waterkid thought Pirates deserved to live. So Pirates came back with Pongo3010 as their leader. At their first event they maxed 10. Unfortunately, at this time, Pongo3010 wasn’t as enthusiastic as he was before, so their sizes dropped, and they eventually died.

It was only 3 months after that Pirates returned from the dead. In the leadership of Dingdong, Bears, and Pongo. In their first event they maxed 18 and got 2nd in SMAP/12th in CPAC due to this. Waterkid merged us into the Light Troops.

4 weeks later, the Black Alliance returned to face the LoJ (League of Justice), the Pirates joined the BA immediately. Jayden and Pongo are leading the Pirates. However, they left the Black Alliance shortly after due to their brother ally, Light Troops, leaving the Black Alliance. Andrew, Spy, Tempah, Flamez64, Final Chaser and Ghost were hired by Waterkid. This leadership brought a second Golden Age to the army, stronger than the last. Pirates got to 2nd in CPAC, the highest they’ve ever been. The future seemed bright. However, the Golden Age was shortly lived. Waterkid had an argument with Andrew and banished Andrew, Spy, Tempah, Flamez64, Final Chaser and Ghost from Pirates. The army was then merged into the Light Troops yet again.

In March 2015, Pirates returned yet again under the leadership of Revan, Jayden and Pongo3010. This is where we are today.


List of Leaders

* Indicates Pirate Legend

Generation 1:

*Bid Now(Creator)

Generation 2:


Generation 3:

Jed Pen(Creator)

Generation 4:

*Ace Fierken 6
*Bid Now

Generation 5:


Generation 6:

*Pongo3010 (Creator)



Final Chaser


Generation 7:

Revan (Creator)

Jayden (Creator)


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