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    Ahoy matey! Yer upon the official Pirates of Club Penguin! We fight for Rockhopper, and we all like our crew members, we even steal a couple of scream sodas! Ye don't know what ye missing! Come Join us and become a Pirate!
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Hall of Pirates

Over the years, the Pirates have had the pride of witnessing great members, from those who have led them to glory, to the troops who have been loyal till the end. This page is dedicated to them all.captains


Bidnow – Creator of the Pirates Army and Golden Age Leader

Waterkid100 – Golden Age Leader

Coolster114 – Great Leader and Member of the Original Four

Ace Fireken4 – Golden Age Leader

Max43810 – Golden Age Leader

Pongo3010 – Loyal and Dedicated Leader

Hussam – Member of the Original Four

Whaleoil – Member of the Original Four

-Great Leaders-




-Loyal Troops-


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