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Okay, everyone calls me racist etc, but would you believe ACP is racist to BLACK PEOPLE and JEWS?

Okay, Kingfunks himself is a RACIST. He made fun of Pain [PRETZEL LEADER] comparing him with Adolf Hitler and using the Hitler picture, and he also made fun of BLACK PEOPLE.

Picture of him being racist and impersonating Pain (refering him as HITLER)

Flipper, a retired ACP leader (I think he and kenneth should be leading ACP instead of these idiots) told Funks this was banned, which was good of him. Funks however is a stupid 12 year old who thinks he can do whatever he wants since he is a former ACP leader and ACP 2ic.

Funks also made a racist statement in his ”victory” post of Mittens (although Pirates kicked their ass)

As you can see, there is a ACP troop (Dabestpengu2) saying ”PIRATES ARE BROWN EWWWWWWWW”. This is VERY racist and offensive, due to the fact that he’s discriminating pirates for being brown. Funks also nick named us ”Poop Warriors” for simply being brown. There is nothing wrong with being brown on club penguin, if there was why would club penguin add the color? Funks tried backing up his racist comment with this:

The ACP is not saying that black people are bad or anything, we are just saying being brown on a VIRTUAL, ONLINE game is not good. It’s two different complexions and we do not endorse racism. Any racist comments to black people will result in harsh punishments.

That’s a fail excuse to use that type of racism. I also laughed when he said being brown on club penguin is bad, if being brown is bad what about being black on club penguin? if being brown was bad on club penguin I am sure club penguin wouldn’t have added this ”bad” color to club penguin anyway. I know one of their troops, Superoo , is black and I am sure he would have found this offensive. This isn’t the first time either, they used to call Nachos border hoppers (Mexicans crossing the American border)

So ACP’s 2ic Kingfunks4 is racist, and ACP agree with his racism which results ACP , the army itself to be racist.




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  1. Waterkid speaks the truth i agree. Yes, Kingfunks is racist talking about people’s religion or skin color on cp or in rl is RETARDED MAN. Its not right funks. :D

  2. water is racist No offense water But U Hate jews and muslims and make fun of them And i am a muslim i find it offense Plz Stop Rofl

  3. Your arrogance and lies will be your downfall no doubt. What do I mean? Well you take a statement about a color of a penguin on a children’s game and somehow manage to turn it into a racist joke (which makes yourself look a bit racist doesn’t it?)and try to use to make ACP look bad. For your information if you can’t separate religion from race you must be the stupid 12 year old as you say. On the Hitler topic, you never saw Funks making any remarks about Jews in that picture did you? So how can he be making fun of a religion?

  4. rofl i find this funny. its really funny, you guys just freaked out because they called you poop warriors.

  5. waterkid just became the biggest hypocrite alive

  6. Lol. The thing is, you’re overexaggerating.

  7. Ironic.

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