Battle of Shiver – VICTORY

Note: If pongo pc’s you saying ”WATERKID DOESNT CARE ABOUT U” it’s a lie , he’s just mad that I made him a guest when he kept bugging me for ranks during a EVENT, even though I tell him to stop he carries on as if he’s important, he has attituide. William don’t unban him nor owner him. He even pc’ed me saying ”MAKE ME OWNER OR I QUIT” I only expected that from some noob from MascotCP or Mick lol

Today we invaded from ACP, and we won, but of course the over rated army claims that they won, even though we had bigger sizes than them the WHOLE battle. Then they said we lost because we logged off first, well if you read my invasion RULES I say the invasions are 30 minutes long, not 5 hours long, we have lives you know. I wasn’t even happy today because we only maxed around 15 people, I wanted more than that but oh well, let’s just do better on Friday and Saturday

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  1. town –
    8 pirates
    7 acp
    dock 1st pic –
    12 pirates
    9 acp
    dock 2nd pic –
    13 pirates
    9 acp
    dock 3rd pic –
    16 pirates
    11 acp
    dock 4th pic –
    can’t count since ACP is bunched up
    dock 5th pic –
    13 pirates
    12 acp
    iceberg 1st pic –
    12 pirates
    12 acp
    iceberg 2nd pic –
    cant count
    iceberg 3rd pic –
    14 pirates
    12 acp

    Pirates win.

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