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Raid of Great White

We raided the ACP event which was ACP vs Shadow Troops, I only got pictures of the pre-battle but we got around 15 people and totally crushed acp’s sizes, I had to be AFK from that point and I don’t know what the hell William did and WHY he left Lucas806 (member rank) in fucking charge, why couldn’t you have left the owners in charge? Then lucas806 got banned by Mick the freaking noob then everyone logged off, well that won’t happen tommorow once i’m leading. I only got two pictures of the pre-battle

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  1. Well unfortunately it was all noob leader’s so it was a good choice of will’s to let me incharge, although I did ask him to make me a mod or something whilst I was incharge but he said it would be fine. The fucking noob mick raged when Will left cause he wanted to have a fucking promo cause he thinks he does good in this army (he doesn’t and I should replace his rank seeing as I’m so active now and I feel I can make cppa proud)…anyway yeah mick thought with no leaders around he could fucking ban the person incharge which actually ruined the battle as no one was incharge and all the ppl were noobs and had no clue what to do. It wasn’t just chaos then too. When u told will to lead he decided to go off chat for a whole 20 minutes and by that time ACP had moved and no one in cppa was leading..When he got back he used the excuse “my computer is weird” and when I told him he was meant to lead he just said “wtf” so overall the leading was very bad (obviously if I and waterkid were leading we would have done amazingly better but atleast we still did well under command of waterkid (COOL).

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