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Contest winners

Hey guys, I hosted a contest before and it was to pick a slogan and a flag, it was real close and a lot of enteries but I have finally picked a winner, here it is.

Slogan Enteries:

It was real close and I loved them all, I will show you the enteries.

Cp Isn’t Cp without CPPA -William112

Cppa in da ship – Pongo3010

Walk the Plank – Max

Shiver me timbers – Max

Winning some Booty – Max

Feed the fish  – Max

Won for Rum! – Max

Were old salt – Max

We will blow you down – Max

We dominate the sea – Kido

Were rough and tough – Kido

The warriors of the sea – Kido

Our legacy is our piracy pride – Coolster

Mess with the pirates, and you’ll get the cannons! – iGoblinGuy

x marks our win – Max

“Lords of the Swords” – Max

“Pirate Might” – Max

“Pirate Tight” – Max

“Thieves of the Sea” – Max

Pirate Tight Pirate Might – Max

Army of teh sea – Max

Winner: MAX43810

Congratulations to max, he will recive his prize soon, our new slogan is ”Walk the Plank”

Flag Enteries:

 By Pongo

 By Max

By DaBestPengu2

 By KingBlooy



He has a nice flag, just needs to change the slogan.


New contest is CUMMING soon!


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  1. Yay! Well done to everyone and Toonboy, your Flag is AMAZING!!! *awe*

  2. I made a flag just for if you ever want one. I know other people won the competition so I dont mind if you dont use it. Here it is anyway: http://tinypic.com/r/11114zc/6

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