Leaked: CP Navy’s Declare War On Our Servers!

»waтerĸιd200« here.

Reporting breaking news…As the title reads out – CP Navy are declaring war on some of our servers – The info is leaked and I even have times and a quote they made:

Today Well you know. Pirates are a dumb noobish army looking to make us merge or kill us by taking all of our servers. Well Navy isn’t holding back. Here are the times for the invasions of pirates:

Invasion of Permafrost

Wensday Janurary 4th

:!:  5:00 PM EST

:!:  4:00 PM CST

:!:  3:00 PM MST

:!:  2:00 PM PST

:!:  10:00 UK/GMT

Invasion of Sherbert

Thursday Janurary 5th

:!:  6:00 PM EST

:!:  5:00 PM CST

:!:  4:00 PM MST

:!:  3:00 PM PST

:!:  11:00 PM UK/GMT

Invasion of Bunny Hill

Saturday Janurary 6th

:!:  5:30 PM EST

:!:  4:30 PM CST

:!:  3:30 PM MST

:!:  2:30 PM PST

:!:  10:30 PM UK/GMT

So there are the times. We must be ready when they attack! But they will never win!


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  1. he quoted what you posted dumb ass.

  2. hey i am sorry waterkid but i cant come i have to sleep

  3. Sleep? WTF

  4. i would make it on all!

  5. i can come to all of them

  6. Poochiefoot and Mj0701 are the same person

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