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    Ahoy matey! Yer upon the official Pirates of Club Penguin! We fight for Rockhopper, and we all like our crew members, we even steal a couple of scream sodas! Ye don't know what ye missing! Come Join us and become a Pirate!
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Chat news

This is the latest news for the pirate chat rooms.


We have alot of new pages on the main chat. Including:

  • Rules and Info page updated with better font.
  • A music page
  • Pirates Blog (this shows all the blog updates and u can stay on the chat)
  • Forum (chat in the forum too)
  • Miniclip games (this involves cp)
  • Comments (comment here)

We have a new meeting chat. This is because it will be a chat group and can be on the main chat as a new tab.

The link is


All army leaders can be mods. IF you are allies. Its not as good as hussams one but ah well.

<Grow Big Grow Strong>

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