LT vs ACP – War Schedule!

Friday – November 28th


Light Troops vs ACP

Defense of Crunch

Time: 1:00pm UK, 8:00am EST, 7:00am CST, 6:00am MST, 5:00am PST, 9:00pm JST, 5:30pm IST, 8:00pm PH


Friday – November 28th


Light Troops vs ACP

Defense of Thermal

Time: 8:00pm UK, 3:00pm EST, 2:00pm CST, 1:00pm MST, 12:00pm PST

Server: Ice Box – Room: Ice Berg


Friday – November 28th


Light Troops vs ACP

Defense of Outback

Time: 7:00pm EST, 6:00pm CST, 5:00pm MST, 4:00pm PST

Server: Ice Box – Room: Ice Berg



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Light Troops Official (moderated) Chat

The Official Chat for the Light Troops of ClubPenguin

***If you sign in chat and nobody is there sign out and sign back in again to get in to our CP army chat!

LT Chat Rules:

 1)Get on at event times  2) No bad words 3) No Advertising 4)Respect all Light Troops

The ACP Has Declared War


All battles will take place on the server: Ice Box

On the morning of Thursday, November 27th, the ACP have officially declared war on we the Light Troops. The ACP has scheduled invasions against our great nation. They have awoken a sleeping beast.

Battles begin Friday, November 28th. We will crush the ACP. We are now in war-mode, all Light Troops must prepare for the war!

This is our first major war of this Light Troops generation. I joined a month ago and we reopened this army. We rebuilt it from the ground up. We the Light Troops will show ACP who they are messing with. This is a new, shiny LT.

Thursday Day off

I have decided that today will be a day off. It’s a holiday and I’ll be busy. Have fun and get ready for the events on Friday & Saturday! I’ve updated the event schedule. Recruit! We must do our best at our upcoming events. 

7 Year old ClubPenguin War Video

Epic War. Known as the Fever Wars. (I was there! :D) Wow, armies have changed so much since then! What do you think?

How to DW

Get me to fix your army because it sucked and no one from CP ever joined it until I fixed it. Have me lead it for 8-10 months from the ground up. Then remove me cause ur jealous and you want to steal my credit. Then continue to make up lies about me to continue comforting yourself. This is a reply to Vo Yo’s post.

History of me

I joined CP in April 2007

I joined CP Armies in May 2007

Beware: Very long post. I left a lot out too >.<

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DDoS – Public Service Announcement

This is a message not directed towards LT troops, but the entirety of the CP Army Community.

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Shine on!


None but ourselves can free our minds.
Shine with Victory

Attend this weeks events!


[UK Timezone Event] Operation No Green #1 [Battle vs ACP] Results

Operation No Green #1 was a great success. We defeated the ACP even though my internet wasn’t working (ddos). I am proud of you strong brave troops. Shine with Victory :)

We maxed sizes of 30, here are some pictures from the battle.

We attack the ACP Capital soon!

We are attacking the ACP capital soon. We do not know if they will try to defend. We will raid them anyway and show them that we are #1. All Light Troops must attend atleast one of Wednesdays Raids. The raids are a part of Operation No Green. If you are new to Light Troops you will get a rank and begin ranking up after you show up for battles.


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