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Club Warfare hasn’t ended.

On our Launch Party, a hacking group that target CPPS’ DDoS’d us which messed up our whole VPS. These people are the same people who are responsible for the down time of Mirai and other CPPS’. So as of now we’re trying to get a new VPS and a new domain. Go to our xat chat for live updates. Give this post to everyone you know. I will make a post of when CW is back up with our new domain on THIS site.

Click here for our chatroom

Club Warfare 2014

Club Warfare will be returning for 2014.

CPNext will be activated on Club Penguin soon, which will cause the death of the Club Penguin army community. The Club Warfare staff has been reformed ever since July to ensure the survival of our community. We’re currently in process of doing private beta and making sure V3 will be the best Club Warfare.

This Club Warfare will be AS3, meaning there’ll be more plugins and new features than our previous versions. We’re also expanding our developers and knowledge of CPPS’. We will be making sure this Club Warfare will be stable and last for an extremely long time. Due to this, Club Warfare won’t be released quickly as we want to make sure it’s ready for people to use and enjoy and not to experience any attacks or abuse on the server. We’ll be making daily updates on our twitter.

Club Warfare V2

You guys wanted a CPPS instead of a Minecraft faction, so we’re giving you a CPPS!

Yes, that means Club Warfare CPPS is returning. This time we’re going to try last longer than before (we didn’t get sued, we had some errors).

Well here it is, what you all been waiting for. Club Warfare V2 is coming out this week with some extra cool features, which are:

  • Working control panel
  • Working Mod Panel
  • Custom Source –  Ring colour, transforming, nameglows, bubbleglows, playerstring, igloo commands and find four fixed
  • The old staff – PcChip321, xRed617, Gold Falcon, Austin and iWaddle
  • New Designs
  • Hiring new staff
  • DDoS Protection

Continue to check site daily because we’ll announce when the CPPS is up and ready here with link to the new register and play. 

Club Warfare Returns(?)

NOTE: If Club Warfare is to return, it’ll be up until August. 

Hello all,

Me, Red and Gold Falcon have discussing the possibility of returning the CPPS, Club Warfare. We liked the idea of returning it, but we had a problem. Me and Gold Falcon wanted to make the CPPS, but Red wanted a Minecraft Faction server for Club Warfare. We decided to ask the people what they would want, so here’s the poll:

Brand New Club Warfare – Coming Soon

Edit: I havent ben ignoreing you, Ive ben punished.

Afternoon Warfarers,

Over the past days the team have been thinking of what to do. Red figured out the problem, and he said he needs burstNET to respond to his ticket for the servers to work again (burstNET is where he got the VPS from). Well, he said they didn’t respond and we have been trying to talk to Red but he has been acting strange and ignoring us.

So, we’re going to get a new VPS and have iWaddle make Club Warfare look more better than before. We are going to have so many new features such as:

  • New CSS site layout
  • Registers with captcha
  • Nameglow and Bubblecolour
  • Custom Rooms

I am pretty excited for this to happen, aren’t you?

We have also discussed about changing our name ‘Club Warfare’. If you think we should or should not change our name, PLEASE comment below. If you want us to change our name, choose which one of these CPPS names you prefer:

  1. ClubWarfareV2
  2. LobbyCP
  3. DreamCP

The Current State of Club Warfare

Afternoon Warfarers, 

I know Club Warfare’s server has been down for a week now. I am going to explain what has happened and what is going to happen.

No, we have not been sued by Disney. If that was to happen, I am pretty sure all CPPSes would have shut down as well. If you want, you can look at our disclaimer page.

No, we have not shut down. We are still alive. There is just a problem with the server and we don’t even know why it is happening. iWaddle says the only thing that could be wrong are the ports, but we checked and it seemed correct to us. We are now just thinking of any possible ways of fixing the server. If there isn’t, I think we would just have to restart everything from scratch, which I am sure you all wouldn’t want.

If you have any idea of the problem we have and have good knowledge of CPPSes, please contact me (PcChip) on xat @ 

We are very sorry to keep you guys waiting so long, so once we’re back up we will be giving everyone who was registered a prize. If you have any suggestions on what the prize should be, please comment with it.

*The video contest and staff have been postponed. We will tell you once we have picked the new staff and when the contest will end.*

The New Staff!

Afternoon Warfarers,

We did an application form about a week ago for people to apply for moderator or developer. I am happy to say we got a total of 48 applications! A lot of them were really good, and it was very hard to pick only a few.

First of all, we need all of the staff to agree on who gets accepted. It is currently 4:29pm GMT for me, but 11:29am for the others (Gold Falcon, Austin, Red617) so this post will be updated by 4pm – 5pm EST with the new hired staff.

However, I have personally picked a new developer that will improve the CPPS a lot. He is iWaddle! He has plenty of experience as being a  developer, which I will list right now:

  • Pengable
  • YourClubPenguin
  • Atlantic Penguin
  • iWaddle (He created it)
  • Cybium
  • PenguinMedieval (unreleased)
  • Created his own CPPS source (with everything working)
  • He is good at working with the iCPPS source (what we’re currently using)

As you can see he has good talent and is welcomed to the team.

To finish off this post, I will show you some funny application forms :D

CW Servers Down – Will be back up shortly

Hey guys.

You may have noticed the CW servers are down. This is due to a syntax error, and we are working on fixing this problem. The server will be back online shortly. To get full status updates regarding the server, go to our chat @


Video Advertisement Contest [ENDS ON FRIDAY]

Hello players, I am PcChip and I am going to host our first contest!

As you can tell from the title, this contest is going to include your video skills. Since we’re a new CPPS, we will be needing a lot of active players to enjoy the game. A good way of doing this is by advertising. You can advertise in many ways, such as Twitter, Facebook or Rile5. However, I think one of the most effective ways is by Youtube with video.

How to enter the contest:

  • You would need a Youtube account
  • You must be registered on Club Warfare

If you have done both of them, then you’re ready to enter the contest. What we’re looking for is a video that highlights the best out of this CPPS, I am sure that won’t be too hard as we’re a very fun CPPS who does their best to make their users happy. To make it easy for you, I am making a little list of what you should do:

  • It must have a song in it
  • It must be suitable for all ages
  • It must explain or show the warfare of this CPPS
  • It SHOULD have good effects

Here’s an excellent example of a video advertisement from

It has good effects, shows the highlights of the CPPS, and an awesome song tune! I am sure you guys will be able to make a BETTER video for us :).

And yes, the winner does get a prize. The winner gets a free nameglow and bubble colour (once their out). 

Please submit your entry in the comments by entering the following:

  • Club Warfare Username
  • Youtube link


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